Meet the Staff: John O’Brien

johnName: John O’Brien (John)

Position: Software engineer

Originally from: Born in Connecticut, but grew up outside of Philadelphia

Worked at Sporcle since: July 2011

About: John is described by one co-worker as ‘unfailingly thorough, fun to work with, and largely responsible for the infrastructure and design of badges on Sporcle.’  His favorite Sporcle quiz is Countries of the World. He claims it was the first quiz he really tried to beat by memorization (he got 100% after only a few months on the job – October 6, 2011 to be exact.)

Interests: John’s big hobby is skiing, and in the wintertime you can find him on the slopes just about every weekend. In the summertime, he enjoys mountain biking. And any time of year he likes drinking beer.

Strange Fact:  John couldn’t come up with any strange facts about himself, so we went to Twitter. We learned, for example, that John did not know what a cow was until the age of 8. Check out #strangefactsaboutJohn and help us tell the story of his strange life.

Here at Sporcle:  Here at Sporcle, John’s work falls into two categories: keeping the website running and adding new features to the site. Recent projects he’s worked on include new game types, Trivia Bingo, and improving our badge creation tools.

Favorite thing about working at Sporcle: John describes the Sporcle team as ‘a fun group of people that like to get stuff done.’ Because it’s a small group, he says, there’s a variety of projects that come your way. You could be working on anything when you walk in the door for the day.

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