Featured Game of the Week (7/9/2014)

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been thinking about ways to spice the blog up a bit and get regular content out there for our loyal readers to peruse. To that end, we’re writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us.



Chronological Presidents

by howdijyaguessit
Featured July 4th, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

howdijyaguessit created a Sporcle account in 2011 and has contributed more than 30 quizzes. This was the first Sporcle publish for howdijyaguessit, which is always exciting!

What’s the Quiz About?

Chronological Presidents is an excellent study tool for users looking to memorize the US presidents in order. In this minefield-style quiz, you are required to select the presidents in the order that they served, making no mistakes!

One thing that makes it a bit easier is you are able to skip around the quiz, so if you know the 16th president but not the 15th, you can save it for the end. You can also work your way through the quiz backwards, which many users did as well. Regardless of your method, you are still learning the order of the presidents, and who knows when that information will come in handy?!

What Did Users Think?

micheleheil88 started off the comment thread with: ‘oh animaniacs…. how you helped me over the years.’

Another user, sunnyskates8, also had a childhood tool that helped with the memorization: ‘When I was probably 8 I had a placemat with the presidents in order on it that I stared at so obsessively that it today is still engrained in my memory and helped me get through this quiz. I am 23 now. o.O’

And finally, Lichtenberg said: ‘See, I have a mouse pad with all the presidents on it. Did I use it? No. If you think for a minute that I’m lying, consider that I actually own a mouse pad with the presidents on it.’

On July 4th, this useful and surprisingly addicting quiz was played over 28,000 times and ended up with a 4.3 rating. Chronological Presidents was the perfect quiz to feature on the July 4th holiday, and an awesome pick of the week!