Featured Game of the Week (7/2/2014)

Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been thinking about ways to spice the blog up a bit and get regular content out there for our loyal readers to peruse. To that end, we’re writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us.



ANYTHING but US States

by Mateo56
Featured June 29th, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

Mateo56 has been a Sporcle user since March of 2013, and has had 15 awesome games published to the homepage! In addition, Mateo56 is the curator for Europe, United Kingdom, World Leaders, and This or That. What a busy bee!

What’s the Quiz About?

So. Much. Clicking! In ANYTHING but US States, your mission is to click 200 decoy answers without mistakenly clicking one of the 50 US states. Sounds easy, but when you add in the time factor as well as the hilarious decoy answers, the quiz becomes much harder than it sounds.

The decoy answers include silly ones to make us laugh, such as Bulbasaur, Legoland, and Mayflower. It also included answers such as New England, Jersey, and Mexico just to keep us on our toes. Oh, and of course, Kyrgyzstan.

What Did Users Think?

There were some great comments on this quiz that made choosing very difficult. Here are just a few of the many things that users had to say about this quiz:

WyattsTorch said: ‘I love it when I get a literal LOL out of a Sporcle quiz. Brilliant and hilarious. Five globes!’

Another response from IamNotReaI said: ‘This is my proudest 100% ever. Great quiz!’

ojoe chimed in with: ‘I started to get obsessed with the idea that one of the non-English answers was actually that language’s word for “California” or “Ohio.” I wondered if the creator of the quiz would be so cruel. And then clicked on Nebraska, so…never mind.’

And finally, aussienl claimed: ‘Clearly the work of a slightly disturbed mind, but very good!’

In the end, this super fun quiz was played over 44,000 times on June 29th alone, and ended up with a 4.2 rating. We guess ANYTHING but US States was ANYTHING but boring!