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Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been thinking about ways to spice the blog up a bit and get regular content out there for our loyal readers to peruse. To that end, we’re writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us.



World Cup Final Teams

by mselby
Featured July 10th, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

mselby is the Product Manager here at Sporcle, and has been around for just about 4 years. Among his most noteworthy accomplishments in that time includes being the Editor for Holiday, being the proud owner of 73 Sporcle badges, and having 37 Sporcle publishes, including his most popular Sandwich Time!. You go, mselby!

What’s the Quiz About?

Looking through quizzes to publish, mselby noticed there had not been a quiz made about teams who had made it to the World Cup finals. He took matters into his own hands, and created this quiz that asks a simple question. Can you name the teams who have appeared in a World Cup final match? You are provided with the number of World Cup appearances made by each team, and your job is to guess the 12 (yes, only 12!) teams who have made it that far.

No catch, no gimmicks. Unless you count the change in country names over time (alternates accepted), this quiz is as simple as it sounds. With an average score of 83%, this quiz isn’t about the difficulty in the answers, but the interesting information provided about World Cup history.

What Did Users Think?

bakenator commented: ‘Kinda sad when you get runner-ups like Czechoslovakia, Sweden, and Hungary, but don’t get the first champion, Uruguay…’

Then later, fitzy23 stated: ‘Curse you Sporcle for teaching me to say UK instead of England. Totally forgot that England and Scotland each have their own team.’

And SteelyMatt noted a similar result, saying: ‘So close…I always forget to consider defunct countries like Czechoslovakia on quizzes like this one.’

The day before the 2014 World Cup final, this quiz was published, played nearly 20,000 times, and ended up with a 4.5 rating. World Cup Final Teams is one that will be relevant for years to come, and for that we thank you, mselby!

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