Top Comments of the Week (06/20)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: US Presidents by One-Word Hints

crouchingdomo: Anybody else see “Tippecanoe” and go looking for Tyler?

2. From: 21 Most Corrupt Countries

pokemonrRussia is not here.

Putin: Ah, Sporcle Admin. Surely my country will not be here.( Slips money under the table)

Sporcle Admin: Yes, of course not.

3. From: ‘Name’ That Profession

jago706The dietitian Les Eaton might have a colleague, Michael Lester O’Level.

4. From: US State Capital Match-Up

dancastroIf someone has difficulties trying to remember which capital (Bismarck or Pierre) belongs to each Dakota, here is a little mnemonic rule. Bismarck is a German name, Pierre is a French one. On the average, Germany is north of France. Therefore, Bismarck is ND, Pierre is SD.

5. From: Disney Animal Character Match-Up

AzraelAccidentally hit Jiminy Chipmunk. Now I wish he were real.

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