Top Comments of the Week (06/13)

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1. From: Five Stages of Grief

Walking_Fred: First, the admins couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been done before. Then, they got mad they hadn’t thought of it. Next, they tried to think of a better way to do it. Disappointed in their effort, they finally had to publish it today.

2. From: 2014 World Cup Teams

JoshDupuisI’m really rooting for Bosnia but I can’t stand Herzegovina.

3. From: Words That Begin with ‘WR’

mustangoSo in summary, more people got wrong right than write, and more people got wright wrong than right.

4. From: 25 Years of the World Wide Web

Azazello2000 – Half the CDs currently in existence are free trial software CDs that were mailed to you every other day by this now irrelevant company.”

5. From: ‘H’ Pictures by Category

bossfan92For your historian picture alone, you sir win the internet.

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked my comment. I’m not sure if why I’m listed as MTwhiz, but I’m just glad to be noticed.

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