Meet the Staff: Matt Selby

SelbyName: Matt Selby (mselby)

Position: Product Manager

Originally from: Arlington, WA

Worked at Sporcle since: October 2010

About: Matt describes himself as an expressive person who is interested in many things. He likes cartoons – most notably, Adventure Time and The Venture Bros. His favorite movie is Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, and he has a healthy fear of horses.

Interests: Matt is an avid home brewer, film snob and vinyl collector. He has an old Volkswagen that he likes to work on (a 1970 Karmann Ghia). And as those who know him will tell you, he loves sandwiches. His favorite Sporcle quiz, in fact, is Sandwich Time. Made on a whim, the quiz has now become a Sporcle classic.

Strange Fact:  For many years, Matt has been attempting to make a shot-for-shot remake of Journey’s Separate Ways (World’s Apart). You can view it here. (And for reference, the original looks like this.)

Here at Sporcle:  Here at Sporcle, Matt schedules quizzes, writes quiz text, and interacts with users on a daily basis. He also writes blog posts, writes product specs, and manages our internal team of content moderators.

His current goal is to be a positive influence at the office, and he’s started a trend of saying a cheery good morning when he walks in the door each day. Early results show that it’s working.

Favorite thing about working at Sporcle: “The main thing I like about Sporcle is every day there is something new and weird that surprises me. That can be hard to find in a job, except maybe if you’re a homicide detective. But there’s less dead bodies at Sporcle.” The other great thing about working at Sporcle? There’s a coffee maker.

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