Featured Game of the Week (6/20/2014)

Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been thinking about ways to spice the blog up a bit and get regular content out there for our loyal readers to peruse. To that end, we’re writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us.

Lucky-7Pick of the Week

Anything But 7

by mathmaster55
Featured June 14, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

Yet again, the Pick of the Week features a user who received their very first Sporcle publish! This time it was mathmaster55, who has been a registered Sporcle user since 2011. Way to be awesome!

What’s the Quiz About?

You might be surprised by this, but the quiz was indeed Anything But 7. You had 60 seconds to click every number from 1-100 besides 7, multiples of 7, and numbers that include 7. Hard concept to grasp, we know.

Although the objective was clear, the quiz was anything but easy. Furious clicking leads to error, and this quiz certainly caused its fair share of mistakes. Somehow, it managed to keep us all coming back for more!

What Did Users Think?

Fittingly, the number 7 appeared frequently among the comments. As wave32 said: ’70/70 on the…. 7th try’

tanadhair wasn’t so fortunate, and commented: ‘On the 17th try…. how amusing…’

And finally, oklaclarinet chimed in with: ‘Finished on the second try with the clock reading 00:07. Felt like James Bond!’

In the end, Anything But 7 was played nearly 30,000 times and ended up with a 4.4 rating. If only we’d waited to publish this quiz until 7/7/17…