Meet the Staff: Amy Van Groningen

amyName: Amy Van Groningen (amyevg)

Position: Content Moderator

Originally from: Auburn, CA

Worked at Sporcle since: October 2011

About: Amy describes herself as energetic and efficient – and we agree! Amy is about to graduate as an Accounting major from Seattle Pacific University. She also loves being around people and would “do anything legal for a good story.”

Interests: When Amy’s not studying or Sporcling, she likes to visit Seattle-area restaurants and try new food. Her favorite band is The Killers, and she’s an avid fan of the TV show Friends. (No surprise, her favorite Sporcle quiz is The Ultimate Friends Quiz.)

Strange Fact:  As a 10-year-old, Amy got magnets stuck up her nose. As she tells the story, her babysitter bought her magnetic earrings and she put one in her nostril. She liked it so much she thought she should have TWO nose piercings! The two magnets were clearly attracted to one another and “met in the bridge.” (Reminds us of this quiz.)

Here at Sporcle:  When Amy’s in the office, she meticulously reviews upcoming quizzes that are scheduled for the homepage. She also works Photoshop magic to create and edit Image and Slideshow quizzes, among other projects.

Favorite thing about working at Sporcle: “I really like the discussions we have in the office…there are so many ridiculous conversations. Everyone who works at Sporcle has a good sense of humor.”