Featured Game of the Week (5/21/2014)

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Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been thinking about ways to spice the blog up a bit and get regular content out there for our loyal readers to peruse. To that end, we’re writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us.


Pick of the Week

Weird Websites of the World

by GreenDragon
Featured May 15, 2014

About the Quiz Maker

This was GreenDragon’s first Sporcle publish! A registered user since 2011, we hope GreenDragon comes up with more wacky quizzes like this that eventually find their way to the Sporcle home page.

What’s the Quiz About?

This quiz didn’t require knowledge about the zany websites so much as it was about the pure ridiculousness in that they exist. The object? To match the explanation of the site with the accompanying web address.

With sites such as computerpowertest.com, despair.com, and nooooooooooooooo.com, we think that the wonder of the internet entertained Sporcle users for a good long while. By visiting the sites, oddities such as popping bubble wrap, pointing at the pointer (what!) or watching a man get slapped in the face with an eel could be enjoyed over and over again.

What Did Users Think?

As MTwhiz commented: ‘Well I’m off to test a few newly discovered websites… See you all in a few hours!’

And then again later: ‘Okay, I’m back, and it’s only been 46 minutes. That was ridiculously fun. I may have several new viruses infecting the dark recesses of my computer, but it was well worth it. I recommend everyone look up each and every one of these sites. Right now.’

With nearly 20,000 game plays and a 4.2 rating to round out the day, Weird Websites of the World showed us that goofy humor has its place on Sporcle, and we love it!

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