Top Comments of the Week (05/09)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Famous Toms

RonB: I’d complain about you leaving out the leader of the Heartbreakers, but that would be petty.

2. From: ANYONE but US Presidents

Nol_SolanoShakira: “Read my hips: No new taxes”

3. From: Common Household Items

abard124“Time machine? No? Oh, shower!”

4. From: 10 Largest Countries in North America

GoldenHey, I like this new idea of bonus answers in clickable quizzes. From now on, I can am going to spend my time clicking around and in the gaps to see if I can uncover any. I’d be really bummed, though, if I clicked on an incorrect bonus answer – like Brazil or Vatican City.

5. From: Common Household Items

WCRoentgenOur main freezer is attached to the fridge. But we have one of those big ones in the cellar, where we keep Grandma.