Better Know a Curator: naqwerty3


This is part of Sporcle’s long-running series highlighting our hard-working curators. Curators are editors for a specific subcategory, and their diligent work finding great quizzes from their subcategories (and sometimes others) helps to shape the site. We asked our curators to complete an interview of sorts, and we’re sharing their responses here on the blog. 

This next post is from naqwerty3, curator for football and Sporcle.

1) How did you first get involved with playing Sporcle?

I did a Google search for online geography quizzes and found all of the ‘Countries of ______’ games. That would be the best online search I’ve ever done!

2) What are your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?

I curate a great subcategory, and I have to say there are a lot of good football quizzes involving statistics. There are a few out there that have the NFL tag but forget to include the football one! Almost all the football published quizzes are worthy, so it’s tough to decide! Here are a few I really enjoyed:

3) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?

There are many great quizzes that have yet to be published. When I run into one, I’ll give it a nomination or positive comment. Recently, NFL Hall of Fame QB Match was an exemplary matching quiz and the editor of sports, sultanofswing, provides great quizzes such as Most Receiving Yds For Each Franchise By Decade. Due to my interest in statistics and sports, receiving the opportunity to play these football quizzes is magnificent!

4) What are your favorite published quizzes from an entirely different category?

You’ve got to love the simple classics such as Countries of the World and Periodic Table. Regarding more recent publishes, I really enjoyed Scrambled Eggs, Drug or Pokémon, and Anything but Kyrgyzstan.

5) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from an entirely different category?

I think every Sporcler loves How to Make a Bad Sporcle Quiz. I like almost everything that is EP’d in Just for Fun! Clickable Magic-8 Ball was entertaining and a masterpiece as well.

6) Are there any quizzes you’ve made that didn’t get the attention you were hoping for?

Roller Coaster or Horror Movie was one of my favorite ideas that I came up with, and Before or After: Cubs World Series never reached the amount of recognition I wished.

7) Who’s a user whose games you think deserves more attention?

NYYanks has some really good quizzes and logic puzzles. Treverbeast454 has a great amount of publishes and deserves more recognition, and Ubbiebubbie is a quiz-creating genius! All of them are enthusiastic quiz creators who constantly come up with great ideas, and I always look forward to their new quizzes.