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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: 30 Countries With Lots of Old People

bmo1616: I’m surprised Georgia made the list, usually all the old folks retire to Florida 😛

2. From: Most Guessed Capitals A-Z

abard124Berlin over Bishkek? I expected better out of you people!

3. From: 30 Famous Movie Redheads

CaptcrunchWhat a soulless quiz

4. From: Verbose Novel Titles

tomboIt is indeed the case that this quiz is worthy of being given a rating of globes with a number one higher than 4 and one less than 6.

5. From: 30 Things You Should Know that Start with ‘H’

khobman76Am I the only one seriously depressed that Paris Hilton gets answered better than Handel?

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  1. Clicking on the link for “Verbose Novel Titles” brings up “Presidential Letters Minefield”.

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