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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


This is part of Sporcle’s long-running series highlighting our hard-working curators. Curators are editors for a specific subcategory, and their diligent work finding great quizzes from their subcategories (and sometimes others) helps to shape the site. We asked our curators to complete an interview of sorts, and we’re sharing their responses here on the blog. 

This next post is from NYYanks, curator for Halloween and former curator for year.

1) How did you first get involved with playing Sporcle?

In 2010, one of my friends was playing it in our school’s computer lab. He was focusing on sports quizzes, which got me hooked. About a year later, I decided to make an account in Novermber, 2011 because I wanted to make an NBA chain game, but did not use my account until about six months later. (I actually never made an NBA chain game)

2) What was your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?

In year, I really like Year Ladder: Historical Events. It gives a unique feel to a year quiz combined with a word ladder, thus creating a year ladder. I also like Alive for Five? (History Edition). I definitely enjoy “more or less” type quizzes, which shows why I like it. In Halloween, I enjoy A Halloween Murder Mystery because it combines my subcategory with my love for logic puzzles. Also, I enjoy Candy! because I simply love candy;)

3) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?

One series that I wish I could give CP’s to all would be MSUKent’sThe Year in News Series. I wish he could do quizzes up to modern day, too, but that would take a lot of work. For Halloween, I enjoy Halloween (A-Z). Simple idea, and great execution. Also, I like Mixed Halloween Candy (Pic).

4) What are your favorite published quizzes from and entirely different subcategory?

From my small list of favorited quizzes, I would have to choose Around the Coast of the World and Cascade of Overlapping Clues. For me, they have a puzzle-feel to them, which I enjoy very much. Also, who can’t ignore this?

5) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from an entirely different subcategory?

I have many favorite quizzes for this. By far, my favorite would be Have You Seen This Cat? because it is probably one of the most creative, funny, and well-done quizzes on the site. My random knowledge of interstate highways shows in my love for this quiz. Lastly, survivor wanted to create a quiz based off an idea that I had, and he could not have done it more perfectly. His quiz is: Word Ladder: Logic Puzzle.

6) Are there any quizzes you’ve made that didn’t get the attention you were hoping for?

Yes, although I will only name a few. Word Ladder: On the Phone was a quiz I made. After it’s release, I felt that it had daily-dose potential, but never got past 25 plays. Here is another word ladder that I felt the same way about. Lastly, On A Map: Northeast U.S. Cities I thought was a really well done quiz, but it’s rating discouraged me from continuing the series.

7) Who’s a user whose games you think deserves more attention?

There are a lot, but khands and mic747 both come to mind. They are both curators and both make quality quizzes.

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