Top Comments of the Week (03/28)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: Don’t Pick the Wrong Day!

rahenson1: I swear about halfway through the quiz the days looked like they were spelled wrong. It was surely just me, but letters seemed to be in all kinds of crazy places in the words.

2. From: Two Different Clues, Same Answer

ronnymexicoOne of the seven dwarfs and every Adam Sandler character: Dope

3. From: 10 Smallest US States

DixonMasonGot the 9 smallest right away… stared at quiz for a good minute… clicked wrong answer.

4. From: Presidential Letters Minefield

JaspersYes, of course, President Harry Struman.

5. From: Childhood Games

lawsigWell, I’m not sure it is for children, but I enjoy rock paper scissors lizard spock.

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