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Suit Up for Sporcle


Kids, we’ve reached the end of the incredible story, the story of how Ted met the mother. After 9 seasons, hundreds of MacLaren’s drinks, failed relationships, and slap bets, the mother is in sight. However, all is not lost. In a few short minutes you’ll be able to relive all the good times, and it will be like Barnabus Stinson and Robin Sparkles never left your television set. True Story!

Let’s start from the beginning, and no, we don’t mean of the story. The theme song, which is catchy, quick, and fun, has introduced the show over 200 times. Do you remember the lyrics? ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Theme Song Quiz

If you breezed through that like Marshall and “The Best Burger in New York”, you must be quite the fan. We respect that in a viewer, and Lilypad would be inclined to agree. Knowing true fans like you, we can bet old reruns won’t 100% fill that hole in your heart once the season finale hits.

But that’s ok! Take the advice Barney has been offering up for years, and when you’re sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead. Or, play this quiz: How I Met Your Mother Characters by Image Quiz  All those beautiful faces will make you relive their adventures, feel their pain, and rejoice in their triumphs.

If one measly quiz isn’t enough to satiate the void in your heart left by HIMYM, take on this challenge and add purpose back to your existence. Sporcle is offering the ‘Suit Up’ badge, so you can forever pride yourself in being the fan you know you are.

Just play all 9 season of these HIMYM Season Quizzes and your Sporcle profile will finally be as flashy as Barney and his ducky tie. We bet you five slaps that you can’t think of a better way to demonstrate your love of these New York-dwelling friends.

Now it’s up to you, worthy followers. Put on your best suit, dry your tears, and make the gang proud. Let’s just say that in the words of Barney Stinson, this is the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top to the sundae of awesomeness that is Sporcle.

Will you accept the challenge?



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