Top Comments of the Week (03/14)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: Pick the Right Spelling

Antithesys: There’s a mistake. For “a cloth used for wiping the nose” I clicked “tablecloths” but it was marked wrong.

2. From: Who’s Crossing Abbey Road?

hbakerFunny that the Beatles aren’t the number one guess… or sad. Sometimes I confuse funny and sad.

3. From: Let’s Dance!

cslSo much Travolta. If only there had been a dance sequence in Battlefield Earth to round it out

4. From: Asia by ANY 3 Letters

JesuslovesyaSo I was racking my brain for the last minute and a half to find which one country I was missing, only to realize that it was… China. Yeah, that happened. That’s a clear cut case of Sporclitis.

5. From: Geography by Numbers VI

PoggingtonI got all the U countries except Ukraine. If only that country were mentioned on the news once in a while…

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