Winter Olympics Are Here!

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)

Editor’s Note: This post is brought to you by the Sporcle Olympics’ curator nscox. 

sochi-2014-logo-4It’s that time of the year. The Olympics are upon us, and it’s time to get excited.

Not everyone enjoys the Games, but I do. My name (well, my username) is nscox and I’m an Olympics fan. And the Sporcle Olympics curator. And a Canadian. I’ve been an avid Games follower since 1996 and have been pulled along ever since by the epic roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. From the thrill of the favourite being crowned, to the excitement of the upset winner, to the devastation of a legend failing to do well, the Olympics have it all.

The great thing about the Olympics is the focus on lesser appreciated sports. Downhill skiing, speed skating, snowboarding, etc. are all fun to watch. And over the next two weeks, fans will be getting a steady diet of winter action. Adding to the fun is the battle of nations. As we all know, the greatness of a country is measured by Olympic success, and so many questions will be answered in the coming weeks. Can Canada finally top the charts in total medals? Can the U.K. win more than 2 medals for the first time since 1936? Will the Norwegian curling team’s pants drive them to gold? Can Russia win Olympic hockey gold? Can Slovenia? Can Kyrgyzstan finally take a winter medal?

But this isn’t a sports blog. This is a Sporcle blog (insert musical fanfare here). And what better way to get ready for 2 weeks of winter sports bliss than some quizzes?

For quiz creators: Basketball and hockey (the ice variety) have been done to death. Keep that in mind when creating quizzes. If you want advice, help or a curator pick, send suggestions to

hockey_2010WinterOlympicsFor quiz players:

First, test your knowledge of the sports you’ll be watching with Winter Olympic Sports.

Next, see if you can remember the Olympic host cities. Special bonus points if you can remember how to spell the 1936 Winter host without looking it up: Olympic Cities.

Then, get ready for the Winter Olympics premiere event (yes, I said it) with Olympic Hockey Countries.

Take some time off, and remember the figure skating greats in Olympic Figure Skaters.

Finally, take a moment to remember the less fortunate countries with No Winter Olympics Medals.

So with all that being said, best of luck to all the athletes, and lets all hope for a clean and (most importantly) safe Olympics. Let the Games Begin!