Winter Olympics: Game On!

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Editor’s Note: This post is brought to you by the Sporcle Olympics’ curator nscox. 

The games have begun, and I am in full “Canada rocks, everyone else sucks” mode (I am from Canada for those unaware). Typically this involves using harmless slang terms that have been rarely used in the last 50 years. I’m not going to elaborate on this because the last thing I want is angry e-mails.

As I write this, Day 3 coverage has just ended and Canada is in the unusual position of being tied for overall medals. There hasn’t been too much in the way of huge surprises yet. Russia is slipping in a few medals they weren’t supposed to get, but that’s to be expected from the host.

The five nations with the best chance of finishing on top in golds or total medals – Russia, the US, Germany, Norway and a certain country that is home to a certain sporcle curator – are all pretty even.

slopestyle-snowboardingThis year features 12 new events, most of which are intended to be very viewer-friendly. And it works – they are quite exciting to watch. New events like slopestyle and old standards like moguls and short track speed skating have made the first few days quite enjoyable. And we’re just getting started. We still have a lot of marquee events to get to, not to mention men’s hockey. Nobody has asked, but my picks for men’s hockey are Canada, Russia and Sweden, though not necessarily in that order. That being said, one of the other big six countries – the Czech Republic, Finland and the United States – could easily win a medal. Slovakia could also sneak in there. International hockey has gotten tough to predict because things vary so much from year to year. Slovakia and Finland were predicted by some experts to be non-factors in 2010, yet they finished third and fourth. Switzerland has also gotten to the point where they are capable of beating the top countries and they might also pull off a surprise victory or two, but I doubt that they will win a medal.

kyrgyzstan flagKyrgyzstan Watch: Sporcleianites have a strange fondness for this country. So, I’ll help you out with some updates on how everybody’s favourite difficult-to-spell country is doing.

Medals: 0     Top 5s: 0     Top 10s: 0     Top 50s: 0

Okay, there is only one athlete from the nation competing, and he’s yet to debut. Dmitry Trelevski will be in a number of alpine skiing events and it’s unlikely he’ll pull off a “Miracle on Ice” (by which I mean snow) since he did participate in 2010 and finished 76th in one event and not at all in the other. (For those curious, Kyrgyzstan actually has won Summer Olympic medals, taking a silver and bronze in wrestling in 2008 and a judo bronze in 2000)

I know what you’re thinking, “If I wanted Olympics analysis, I could just visit a sports blog. I want some quizzes!” And to that I say, “Ask and you shall receive.” But first…

For quiz creators: Keep those quizzes coming. There have been some really good ones made so far. And please make sure you tag any related quizzes with the Sochi 2014 tag, to keep everything together. As always, you can ask for advice or suggest quizzes for a pick by e-mailing me at Or you can taunt me or ask a question and maybe I’ll include it in the next blog.

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So until next time, keep watching the games and keep creating quizzes.


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