New Capitals on Sporcle: Kyiv and Tirana

tirana 1

For capitals, we generally stick to the CIA World Factbook where we use the name and spelling for our capitals that is used by that site. In auditing some of our data recently, we came across a couple mis-named capitals, and decided to make a change. In general, you won’t notice, but we thought we’d give you a little overview.

1. Tirane is now Tirana

We’ve been displaying the Albanian capital  as ‘Tirane’ on many of our quizzes. Tiranë is the spelling in Albanian, but it is more commonly internationally known as Tirana, and so going forward we will display Tirana and accept Tirane as an alternate.

2. Kiev is now Kyiv. 

We’re way behind times on this one. After their independence in 1991, Ukraine officially announced the official transliteration of their capital as Kyiv all the way back in 1991. It took the US Government until 2006 to update their official guides, and now in 2013 (barely squeaking in), Sporcle has decided to recognize Ukraine’s request. Glad we could get on that so quickly.



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