It’s Cabo…Cabo Verde

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2015)
So much trouble for such a little country.
So much trouble for such a little country.

The issue actually didn’t come to light until Sporcler @kickyandfun tweeted us the link to a December 12th National Geographic article that discussed some of the issues that mapmakers have with changing geography. One thing we at Sporcle are very familiar with is the fact that geography is always changing. We’ve dealt with changing flags, new countries and wrestled with the very idea of what a country is. In the trivia world, answers are always right or wrong, but in the the real world it’s never that easy.

We love it when we get to create a situation room.

So why the change? According to National Geographic, the islands were originally named Cabo Verde by Portuguese explorers and were reverted to the anglicized name sometime over the last century. In essence, since Cabo Verde is one of only 8 Portuguese speaking countries in the world, changing the name to their common language is a no-brainer. The other added benefit is that Cabo Verde is *so* much more fun to say. It just rolls off the tongue.

Now comes the tricky part.  Sporcle has over 2,000 quizzes that reference Cape Verde in either the hints or the answers, as well as 136 unique published quizzes. Our priority, of course, is the published quizzes, but eventually we expect every quiz on Sporcle to bear the Cabo Verde name.  It’s gonna take some work.




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