New Badges: Animal Lover, Hunger Games and Redux

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2015)

It’s an exciting month, folks! Right on the heels of last week’s release, we have a whole new set of badges. As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

AnimalLover_5Animal Lover: Who doesn’t love animals? Especially when they’re emoting so many feelings. Get 50% or better on Happy AnimalsSad Animals, and Angry Animals, and you’re practically Doctor Doolittle.

HungerGamesDistrict 12 Tribute: Ready for the cinematic premiere of Catching Fire? We sure are. Play 25 Hunger Games quizzes as you channel your HG enthusiasm. And if you want even more fun, check out our Hunger Games app!

ReduxRedux Redux: The point of a redux quiz is to go over classic knowledge in a more fun way (hint: minefield!). Whether you can name all 197 countries of the world or not, you probably have a chance at clicking all 197 countries. Get 100% on Countries of the World (Redux)Capitals of the World (Redux), and US Presidents (Redux) and you’ve officially reduxed the redux.

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  1. Please do a Thanksgiving, a New Year’s, and an Easter badge to polish off the holidays. A birthday badge would be cool too. Maybe the lyrics to the Beatles’ “Birthday” on your birthday?

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