Top Comments of the Week (09/27)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

We love to read all the funny and insightful comments you leave throughout the week, so much so that we’ve decided to highlight our favorite five each and every Friday. Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Banned from Flights

sonza68: If I had a chimp I’d bring it everywhere.

2. From: Guess Two, Get One Free

onlyanorthernguyTwo Princess Bride references in one quiz? Inconceivable!

3. From: Americas by Name Length

mister_pianomanNo matter how many quizzes I play, St Vincent and the Grenadines still sounds more like a band name than a country.

4. From: Worst. Inventions. EVER.

MelthaI could never remember with HeadOn. Was I supposed to apply it directly to the forehead? Maybe they should have stressed that part more.

5. From: ‘C’ Pictures by Category

Go_Habs_GoOne man’s cloak is another’s Jedi robe.

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