Back to Sporcle Day 2: Haiku Contest

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

back-to-sporcleFall-1Welcome to Back to Sporcle week! It’s Day 2 of our official kick-off to fall. If you joined us yesterday, we talked about making an account, creating quizzes, and earning badges.

Today, we want to announce our first contest: Sporcle Haiku!

Whether you consider yourself a poet or not, anyone can write a haiku. It’s a form of Japanese poetry consisting of 17 syllables (also known as on or morae). There are three lines, consisting of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.  Haiku is known for juxtaposing (or placing next to each other) two contrasting images. There are numerous tutorials on how to write haiku, for example this one.

Quill-PenThe rules:

– Write an original haiku related in some way to Sporcle

– Post your username and haiku in the comments section of this post

– The winning poems will be posted on the Sporcle Facebook page

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  1. Calm grass, flow of water, snake hiss
    Concentrate: achieve state of bliss
    Tranquil thoughts scatter
    Haiku’s in shatter
    Sorry, I’m just not good at this

  2. Only a few plays,
    For my LOLcat picture quiz.
    I can haz publish?

    *I don’t actually have a LOLcat picture quiz. Poetic license applied.


    • I love this haiku, but if makes me wonder if you’re pronouncing Ouagadougou wrong. It has four syllables, not five.

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