Back to Sporcle: Day 1

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


fall-school-busWelcome to Back to Sporcle week!

Many of you are heading back to school, and even if you’re not, the summer days are winding down. The dark arrives sooner each day, and the summer memories are being retold enough times to become lore.

But don’t be too sad–Sporcle is still here! If you’ve taken a break over the summer, we hope you’ll return. Now that you have to spend more time inside anyway, why not check in to see the newest Sporcle quizzes each day?

Here’s some basic ways to become more involved at Sporcle.

Create an Account

Fall is a time of new beginnings. So why not try something new on Sporcle? Maybe you’ve never created account. Set one up, and start tracking your top scores. If you have friends on the site, you can follow one another and see how you match up.

Make a Quiz

Ever wished you could make your own Sporcle quiz?  You can! Check out our FAQ page to get started. And if you have further questions, check out the discussion on Sporcle University. You can always email us at with any additional quiz-making questions.

Earn a Badge

How’s your badge profile looking? A bit sparse? Now’s the time to get cracking! One badge you should definitely earn is the Back to Sporcle badge. All you have to do is play 25 quizzes throughout the week (ends Friday at midnight.) After you’ve earned a badge, you can share the news on Facebook or Twitter.

We have a great week ahead, so stay tuned to the Sporcle Blog for all the latest info! There will be contests, activities, and so much more.

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