The Latest Sporcle Mobile App: Version 3.3

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note to explain some of the changes included in the latest update.

With this release, we have hopefully fixed one of the major complaints with our new update, which is that playing games offline is more difficult.

With this update we have given you the opportunity to pick which categories and topics you’d like to have downloaded completely to your phone.  On the Options screen, you can go to the ‘Play Offline’ menu, and turn on downloading for each category you care about. Once selected, all the available games for that category will be playable without an internet connection.

A word to the wise regarding using this new feature.  Your updates WILL take longer.  This is because we have to download all of the data for every game, instead of just the title of it.  For those who want this feature though, it’s worth it so that Sporcle can help you pass the time on your train or bus ride every morning.  Offline downloading is OFF by default however, so we can keep performance and waiting times speedy for those who can use the app with a network connection.

Now we keep moving forward, as we march towards making this the flat out best trivia app on your phone or tablet.  Future updates will include improving the iPad game flow, more themes, plus access to even more games from the website, and more!

Please keep giving the reviews, and tell us your thoughts, concerns and suggestions either through the feedback button on the Options screen, or the review system.  We read them all and they help inform us as to the most important features for you.


Your Sporcle founder and update writer extraordinaire, Matt Ramme