The Latest Sporcle Mobile App: Update Coming!

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note to explain some of the fixes that will be coming with the latest update.

First off, thank you to everybody for all the feedback, both positive and negative. We are working hard to address all of the concerns brought up, and we will continue to do so as quickly as possible.

I would like to apologize for the removal of the no-timer option in the last update.  That was an unintended consequence of no longer using Apple’s settings app for our preferences. The no-timer feature is back with this update, and the ability to turn it on and off will be in the options tab.

In regards to the tokens we introduced into this new update–we have read your comments and believe we have come to solution that will address your thoughts and concerns. That change will be part of the next update, so stay tuned for more details.

We also made some changes in regards to how games are downloaded to your device. We realize now that the new version made playing Sporcle in a network free environment more difficult. In subsequent updates we will be making changes and improvements which will allow you to more easily download games for offline play.

Please continue to give us feedback both with reviews and through the feedback inside the app (click ‘Feedback’ on the Options screen). We will continue to make updates and improvements, and your rational and thoughtful responses will help guide our path.

Your faithful and humble Sporcle founder, Matt Ramme