The Latest Sporcle Mobile App: Version 3.2

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note to explain some of the changes included in the latest update.

Thank you once again for your candid and thoughtful feedback and reviews.  You are the most important asset to the Sporcle App, and we strive to give you the very best experience, and also to make this app the best trivia app in the store.

To that end, we’ve decided to make a change in both the paid/upgraded and free versions.

Paid/Upgraded experience: We’ve removed tokens from the main game play experience. All games are unlocked, and you no longer need tokens to play any game.  Furthermore, playing a game will earn you a token, which you will be able to use for new and exciting features now and in the future.

Free experience: Instead of receiving one token per day, you will earn one token for each game you play.

What new and exciting features will paid/upgraded users put their coins toward? The first is Themes.  Not a fan of the default orange theme?  Pick one of the other two themes available (with more to come in future releases) to customize your playing experience.  The theme picking dialog is found under the paintbrush icon on the Options tab.

We also moved the answer entry box to be attached to the keyboard.  This was where it was in the old version of the app, and many users said they preferred it there, so we put it back.

The next big task for us is to improve the offline experience.  Since we provided access to so much more content with this new version, we couldn’t download all of the data for every game every time there were new games, or the app would respond very slowly.  We think we have a solution which will not adversely impact performance for users with an internet connection, but will allow those that play offline a way to continue to do that.  That change will be part of the next update, so stay tuned.

As always, continue to leave us reviews (we of course love the 5* ones, but we pay attention to the 1* reviews just as much, in hopes of making you a 5* next time).

Your ever benevolent and faithful Sporcle founder, Matt Ramme.