The Latest Sporcle Mobile App is Here!

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note outlining the thought process behind the big changes.

We put out the first version of the Sporcle app back in 2010. Apps were still a new thing, and we had wanted to give you a way to play Sporcle that would work better on smaller phones and iPods, while also allowing you to play games even if you didn’t have an internet connection. This app has consistently been in the top 10 of paid trivia apps, and for that we are eternally grateful. It is now time that we give you the Sporcle app you deserve.

The biggest complaint we heard was that there weren’t enough games available on the mobile app in relation to With this update, that is no longer the case. You can search for any game we have ever featured, or use the many lists throughout the app to find the trivia game that perfectly matches your need of the moment.

Now we give YOU the power to decide which games you want to play, instead of being stuck with only the games that downloaded the day you happened to launch the app. Every day, we give you free Sporcle Tokens which are used to unlock any game you want. Once you unlock a game, you can play it as many times you like. Unlike Dragon’s Lair or Dance Dance Revolution, you won’t have to continue to feed Tokens each time you want to play.

The goal here was to give you as much free content in the app as you had before, which was approximately 2-3 games a day for Sporcle, (and only 2 games a week for Sporcle Lite). And now you will get free Tokens every day which will allow you to unlock that many games. The big difference being that you get to pick the games you want, where before you only had access to what was given to you.

Most importantly, this is not the final product. We realized that it has been some time since we updated this app, so we wanted to try to get this new version out as soon as possible. We believe the stability and performance of this version is so much better than the previous versions, not to mention things like 4” screen support, that we felt it was wrong to wait until we had every single new enhancement in place before letting you have it. So expect to see a lot of updates and improvements coming in the next few months. New features, new game types, and more! Obviously we will also continue to use your feedback to help inform to us what we are doing right and wrong. Our goal always has been to give you the best trivia experience possible, and with your help, we intend to do just that.

With warmest of regards,
Matt Ramme, founder of Sporcle, and the rest of the Sporcle team.




  1. This is a massive step backwards. No offline play has killed the app for me completely. It’s now useless to me. Also the tokens is an insult to people who have already paid for this app

    • Hey guys,

      The no offline quiz issue is actually a bug that we’re fixing in our next release. Should be out here soon.

  2. I’m really not sure what the point of the token system is. Considering that I have 500 tokens to start with, and it only costs 2 tokens to buy a game, and you supposedly get free tokens each day, the only thing the entire system represents is sort of a vague threat that I might eventually run out of them and have to spend real world currency to unlock games. As a result I’m left feeling uneasy and annoyed that some day I might not have enough free tokens to play all the games I want, because I’m sure as hell not going to spend my actual money inside of an app that I already paid for.

    Basically it seems like the only person who will actually be affected financially by this token system is the most hard-core dedicated fan of Sporcle, the gamer who plays hundreds and hundreds of games a week, and that’s kind of a shame that you would end up punishing your most hard-core users.

    So I just want it known, I’m leery of this system. If the only trade off is a slicker new interface with more trivia games available, give me the old version please.

    • You started with 500 free tokens?? I only started with 50 free ones. What the what?!

  3. I’m choked with the new update. I am only receiving free tokens occaisionally, not everyday like it says on the update. I’m will have to delet this app as I can’t p,ay without tokens and I am not purchasing any

  4. I want so badly to love this, because it’s an amazing accomplishment in some ways (congrats).. But… Some major features that make the app usable are gone. Offline content, the all games list, and random button. Plus you still have not allowed users to turn off the automatic upload/refresh, which means a 20 second lag every time I open the app (especially annoying if using other apps while playing).

    Ironically enough, I sat down today to buy some new game packs, which were $0.99 or something? I was prepared to spend $5, but I ran all my updates first, and saw the huge change. Now I see that each game costs 2 tokens, and each token has a value of $0.02 cents. That means that $1 will now get me 25 games where $1 used to buy a pack of 50-100 games (or more?). The value of games has increased dramatically. I would rather donate to sporcle, or pay a membership like the NYT Crossword than have you sell me bits and pieces at an inflated rate.

    I love you guys, and Sporcle, but yeesh.

  5. I don’t really understand the need to introduce the token system to a pay app, but whatever. The bigger issue for me is the lack of offline play. I only ever use the Sporcle app when I don’t have Internet access, so this update has basically rendered the entire app useless. You say it’s a bug, but if this is the case you shouldn’t have release the update.

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