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(Last Updated On: July 19, 2015)


Do you remember that time when knowing what time the narwhal bacons was popular? We’re bringing it back. Well, maybe not the phrase, but the website that coined it, Reddit. For those unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s an online community where people can post pictures of cats, and then post those same pictures of cats again a few weeks later when they think no one will notice. The popularity of the links and comments posted is determined by a point system called “karma.” Users can vote posts up and down based on their relevancy to a particular subreddit. That’s where we come in! Sporcle has had its own subreddit for a while now, and in order to get this Reddit party started, we’ve decided to hold a Reddit quiz competition!

If you have had a quiz in the past that you thought was amazing, but it went unnoticed, here’s your chance to gain some recognition! You will be allowed to submit your quiz to the comments of the Reddit post describing the competition, and SporcleHQ will pick a winner based on these criteria:

1. The quiz must be posted in the comments of the Reddit post.

2. It has to be unpublished.

3. Most importantly, your quiz should be fun and original.

The competition will run from today, June 7th, until next Friday, June 14th, and the winner will receive a curator pick in the appropriate subcategory. Who knows, maybe if your quiz is up to par, it will get published. There aren’t any guidelines to the subject matter of the quiz or the quiz type. All we ask is that you keep it clean and appropriate.

We encourage you to upvote your favorite quizzes on the Sporcle subreddit and share this with your friends/fellow Sporclers to get more people involved! Good luck!

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  1. If you’re basing it on Reddit username, I think fartsfromdavesbutt’s submission should win.

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