Top Comments of the Week (Special Edition)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

This week we bring you special installment of Sporcle Top Comments, a comment so spot on in its accuracy of the way Sporcle works that we’ve begun to suspect that druhutch is secretly living in the walls of Sporcle HQ or something (Though, that might explain the strange wolf howls we hear whenever his quizzes are published)

1. From: Sporcle Famous
by druhutch:

Sporcle Intern: We’re publishing this quiz, but we’re not sure what picture we should use to accompany it on the front page.
Sporcle HQ: I see. And what is the quiz about?
Sporcle Intern: It covers a broad range of topics, actually. Hard to summarize that in a single picture.
Sporcle HQ: Ah…okay. Well, what does the manual say to do when something like this happens?
Sporcle Intern (thumbing through): Umm…ah–oh. Of course.
Sporcle HQ: Nick Cage?
Sporcle Intern: Yeah.
Sporcle HQ: Well, duh.
Sporcle Intern: You’re right. Sorry to have even bothered you with this.
Sporcle HQ: It’s fine. Just get back to work.

The photo in question.
The photo in question.