Sporcle Just Got Super-Awesomer

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

“This quiz is great, but I hate all the scrolling.” – Pretty much everyone

leonardo_mona_lisa_cat_smSo you’ve probably noticed once or twice that some of our quizzes are a little long. In fact, some of our most fun quizzes are those huge guys that you can just settle in, block out twenty minutes and start naming  the top 300 of something. But you know the drill, once you got past the first 50, the dreaded scrolling game started and you had to scroll back and forth to see both the hint and the answer box. Yeah, we’re adults (mostly), we’ll admit it, that wasn’t fun for anyone.

That’s all over today. Now the answer box will scroll right along with you. Check it out on this bad boy. Isn’t that something?

It’s basically like we took the Mona Lisa and added a big fat cat. Super. Awesomer. Yeah, we went there.

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  1. +100 to House Sporclepuff for scrolling feature and +100 to House Sporcledor for Kitty Lisa.

  2. I don’t get it. There’s no answer box in the quiz you linked to; it’s a button-clicker.

  3. I would rather scroll than deal with a point and click game…”this bad boy” is anything but awesome. (Just my opinion)

  4. Oh and I still had to scroll. I guess since it was point and click your answer instead of typing it then it’s supposed to be easier to remember the question?

  5. I think this is a good feature that people will enjoy, but honestly I am only commenting because that Mona Lisa + cat picture made me so very very happy!

  6. Absolutely hate this change. The number of quizzes before where scrolling was a problem was relatively few. This change has made it impossible on most non-cickable quizzes to have the entire quiz on your screen at once, even ones that were able to fit all or mostly on the screen at once before. This has made my experience using Sporcle considerably worse.

    • This change makes me less likely to keep visiting this site. I probably will keep coming back at least a little, because it’s such a great site, but I can’t see myself visiting and playing quizzes as often as I did before this change. One globe out five, Sporcle.

  7. This new feature works great for typing quizzes! It’s absolutely horrible for clickable quizzes though. I used to see most of the answers with hints and now the timer scrolls down and it drives me kuh-razy.

  8. I noticed my comments I made last night critical of this change have not been approved… censorship, or just somebody asleep at the wheel?

    • That’s a serious question, not accusing anyone of anything. It occurred to me right after I hit post comment that I have no idea where Sporcle is headquartered, so it might even be a time zone thing. Sorry for the rude tone of that comment.

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