New Badges: Challenges, Star Trek and Math

Believe it or not, there are NEW BADGES! We’re rolling them out fast, so make sure to check the badge page for the latest updates.

Here’s your goals to earn:

thunderdomeThunderdome: Victory is sweet, especially when it comes from an epic Sporcle performance. Win 100 challenges against other users, and this badge is yours. You’ll improve your Challenge record while also getting a badge–how great is that?

trekkieTrekkie: Though you may never get to serve with Starfleet, you can join the ranks of Sporcle Trekkies. Play 25 total Star Trek games, and display your Star Trek pride for all to see.

math master

Math Master: Whether you’re a statician or an artist, all are eligible for the title of Math Master.  Simply get 100% on Minute Math Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Mixed Operations. You’ll add a badge to your profile and multiply your total awesomeness.




  1. For thunderdome, do you have to beat 100 different people, or just get 100 non-sporcele-computer victories?

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