@Sporcle’s 1st Live Twitter Chat


What is there to do on a Tuesday night? Yeah…that’s what we thought.

You are formally invited to join the ‘1 Billion Game Play Party’. 

This Tuesday night (23rd April) @Sporcle will be hosting a live Twitter chat. SporcleHQ will be celebrating this achievement with Sporcle Founders, Engineers, and Moderators – we would like to share the night with you! We want to say ‘thank you’ by giving you an opportunity to ask us questions, tell us what you love about Sporcle, or break out your best jokes!

We will be live on Twitter from 5.30-6.30pm (PST) using #AskSporcle. To engage with this (once in a lifetime!) opportunity, tweet with #AskSporcle throughout Tuesday and if you can make it, join the chat at 5.30pm (PST).

Don’t have a twitter account? You can sign up here.

Don’t follow @Sporcle? You can do that here.

We look forward to chatting with you!



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