The Great Sporcle Puzzle Hunt: Follow-Up

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)
Sherlock would be proud.

The puzzle hunt is complete! All of the quizzes are out, and many of you have successfully reached the end. If you haven’t yet tasted sweet success, don’t fret. There’s no time limit on this adventure.

The Recap

So far the quizzes in the hunt have over 85,000 plays. Before the hint quiz came out, the Puzzle Hunter Badge had been earned by 140 people.  And on the final quiz of the hunt, 198 players had a perfect score. That’s a lot of perfect scores! All of the Hunt Puzzle Quizzes and components can be found here: The Entire Sporcle Puzzle Hunt

The Results

While no official prizes were given, we wanted to acknowledge the top finishers.

Top 5 Finishers

  1. Projectyl
  2. crazybegood
  3. wingless_angel31
  4. CorellonL
  5. jkingery
*The Top 5 all got the badge between 19 to 38 minutes after the final meta puzzle was released

Rounding out the Top 25 Badge Earners (in alphabetical order):

  • adamjcollege
  • Antitoxin
  • applejack1963
  • arcoarcs
  • ari18
  • Ben1599
  • cramerica1969
  • Jasters
  • JudyAdam
  • kcostell
  • MikeN
  • Nafets
  • raspberrywine
  • Smeddlesboy
  • Stevicles
  • Survivor
  • Thalia
  • TrueNorth
  • VEC
  • Zen

*All Top 25 achieved the badge within 7.5 hours of the meta puzzle being released

For those of you who have gotten stuck, there is now a quiz to automatically give three levels of hints on each of the puzzles in the hunt (Sporcle Puzzle Hunt: Hint Giver). If you’re still stuck on after that, you can send questions to

 What’s Next?

Now that Sporcle has tested the water with a more sweeping multi-quiz badge over time, there will be more things like this to come. In preparation for the next blizzard when I’m trapped with internet and not much else to do, I’m already thinking up ideas for another puzzle hunt on Sporcle.  Here’s some questions I have for the participants:

1) Would you like a hunt to be easier or harder than the first one? This could be in terms of the quizzes or in terms of the puzzles within the quizzes.

2) Would you like the scale of a hunt to be larger or smaller?

3) Would you like there to be more research and exploration necessary after the quiz itself has ended to solve it?

I’d love to hear from people–email me here if you want to chime in.

I cannot thank Sporcle enough or all the people who played the quizzes. I got so many great emails from people, and you all made this experiment so worth all the effort!

Editors Note: This post was written by sproutcm, who currently sits atop the Sporcle Quizmaster leaderboard, and devised a very difficult challenge for even the most diligent Sporclers.

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  1. This was great fun! I’m proud to say that I got my badge and was somewhere in the 70s. I look forward to the next one. Perhaps it could be an annual event?

  2. Loved the GSPH (very proud to be the 42nd to get the badge) Sincerely looking forward to the next one.

    1) Difficulty was just right–strive to keep it the same for Round 2.

    2) Scale was also just right, but if I had to choose I’d say scale it down a bit.

    3) Requiring more research is OK, but I believe this will afford more opportunities to ‘go down the rabbit hole.’ The genius of the hunt was that the answers were completely concealed or completely visible.

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