One Billion and Counting: Wrap-Up

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We made it!

Thanks for joining us as we crossed the ONE BILLION play mark. Whether you were there in the final moments, or added to the play count through the years, we’re glad you were a part of it.

Sporcle thrives because of our dedicated users. We love watching you interact on the site: helping new quizmakers learn the ropes, giving positive feedback to one another, and keeping quizzes up-to-date. Your input and creativity has helped shape this site into what it is today.

And now, you’re probably wondering about those contests…


Congrats to naqwerty3 for playing the one billionth quiz! naqwerty3 is from Texas and has been on Sporcle since July 2010.

More stats from the big moment:

Billionth game: Things U Can’t Touch

Time: 5:25pm (PDT) on April 12th, 2013

Games played most leading up to the Billionth Play:

Kyrgyzstan Contest:

Winner: epic_chick

epic_chick is from Washington and has been on Sporcle since June 2011.

There were 3000 users who earned the Bishkek or Bust badge to become eligible.

Favorite Quiz Contest:

Winner: BombaySapphire                   Favorite quizFamous…With a Bow Tie!

BombaySapphire is from Wisconsin and has been on Sporcle since December 2010.

Thanks to all who shared their favorite quiz. We noticed a lot of trends (Countries of the World, anyone?) but some variety, too. In all, almost 200 people shared.

Billion Play Quiz Contest:

WinnerBlueCyanide‘s One Billion Dollars: On Holiday

Runner-Up: Rom‘s More or Less: One Billion

Thanks to all who entered quizzes!

Important Moments in History (Photoshop Contest):

Winner: MrChewypoo‘s ‘Whatchadoing?’


Original photograph: Charles C. Ebbets ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’ (1932)