One Billion and Counting: Quiz Contest

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

One Billion Is Coming

After six years, hundreds of thousands of quizzes, and tons of fabulous users, we’re rapidly approaching the ONE BILLION play mark on

Since we don’t know when ONE BILLION will hit, we’ve decided to keep rolling out new contests and fun activities. Check out the original One Billion and Counting along with One Billion and Counting: Favorite Sporcle Quiz for previously announced contests. And keep checking the blog for more contests that will be announced throughout the week!

Today’s contest: One Billion Quiz Contest

We know how much you like to make quizzes, especially when the prize is a homepage feature!

The Rules:

  1. Create a new quiz that connects to the theme ‘One Billion’
  2. Contribute your quiz, make sure it’s public, and give it the tag ‘One Billion’
  3. Compete in the contest by posting a link to your quiz in the comment section of this blog post

The Judging:

Sporcle Admin will be the judge of this contest. They’ll be looking for quizzes that are original, nice to look at, and fun to play. To give you plenty of time, this contest will run through Friday, April 13th.

The Prize:

The winning quiz will be featured on the Sporcle homepage.

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  1. The Editors of the Sporcle categories have been planning for this event for months, and we all worked together to create a “ONE BILLION” quiz linked above.

    It would be ridiculously unfair to consider it a contest entry, since we’ve had at least 15 people well-known to Sporcle all working on it, but we hope you find it a bit of a twist and still fun.


    If the color choice is harsh, I apologize. I tried to make it colors in the Sporcle logo, but I’m colorblind, so, um…well, if I somehow happen to get the one in a billion chance (haha) to be published, I give you, Sporcle admins, complete permission to change the color scheme so regular people can see it normally. Again, I apologize for the stubborn refusal of my eyes to see colors properly. It’s quite irritating, actually.

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