One Billion and Counting: Favorite Sporcle Quiz

One Billion Is Coming

After six years, hundreds of thousands of quizzes, and tons of fabulous users, we’re rapidly approaching the ONE BILLION play mark on

Since we don’t know when ONE BILLION will hit, we’ve decided to keep rolling out new contests and fun activities. Check out the original One Billion and Counting post for information on the Billion Play contest and Bishkek or Bust badge contest. And keep checking the blog for more contests that will be announced throughout the week!

Today’s contest: What’s your favorite Sporcle quiz?

It’s as simple as that.

We want to know, out of all the hundreds and thousands of Sporcle quizzes, which one’s your favorite? It can be contributed or verified, laughingly easy or impossibly hard.

Post your selection, along with the link, in the comment section of this blog post. On the day we hit ONE BILLION, one user will be randomly selected the winner.

The Prize: The winner will receive a Sporcle Gift Pack, made up of exclusive Sporcle merchandise.

*Note: Contest winners must be residents of the United States. For those of you who don’t live in the United States, we hear your frustration. We wish we could send prizes to you, but for legal reasons we’re not able to run contests internationally. There will be more contests to come which do not have a physical prize–so stay tuned!




  1. It’s crazy that Sporcle is going to hit a billion plays! My 12th grade English teacher introduced me to this website a few years back and I’ve been addicted ever since!

    • Lol, oops. Forgot to add my favorite quiz! It would have to be the movie poster type quizes – they’re always fun!

  2. My husband and I love playing the Harry Potter 200 quiz. We have competitions to see who can get the most!

  3. Countries of the World. As an international studies major, Model UN geek, double time study abroad veteran and future Foreign Service Officer, this quiz has been not only fun but invaluable to my academics and career.

  4. I actually really love the Harry Potter minefield. One day, I shall conquer it!

  5. Name the US Presidents. A skill that has made me look much smarter than I am on several occasions.

  6. I’d love to say Countries of the World was my favorite, but it’s too cluttered and needs a redesign to reach its full potential. So, probably Countries of Africa is my favorite.

  7. I love the clickable countries of the world! the one where it lists every single country… but then also extra ones to TRICK you. It’s hilarious how many times you can make a mistake and have to restart it all over again… and I love the dorky fake countries that are “real” places in fiction – like Vulcan, or Panem. =)

    Sooo many great games though, it was hard to chose!

  8. Most definitely would have to be Countries and Capitals of the world. Thank you Sporcle for being the most awesome site ever!

  9. My favorite was the april fools quiz from several years ago, to name the letters of the alphabet. (It has great snarky responses when you get them wrong, and trust me, you will get some wrong.)

    Of course, I also love the classics like the periodic table and the countries in alphabetical order.

  10. Countries of the World is my favorite, and besides being a Sporcle staple, this quiz is one that you can show to all of your friends to make yourself seem like a genius to them, whether you are or not. Also, Kyrgyzstan.

  11. I play more geography quizzes than anything else but my favorites are still Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and Crayola Colors.

  12. Sometimes when my day is cruel to me, when science class never seems to end and I need a mentally stimulating diversion, I turn to the ever-lasting struggle to name all the countries of the world! I try and come closer every time, and some day, some beautiful, God-given day where I name all 197 countries, I will eternally know that my years of mentally stimulated diversion will not be in vain. Sporcle, here’s to a billion quizzes, and a billion more!

  13. I have to go with the World Turkey Population quiz. Well, I’d really like to pick all the quizzes related to Monty Python, language, geography, and of course Kyrgyzstan. But, if I had to pick one that combines fun, silliness, and a bit of learning in the way that only Sporcle can … while also including surprise bonus answers … it would have to be World Turkey Population. 🙂

  14. Best quiz by far is the Countries of the World. Because of this quiz, I can name every friggin’ country. I impress in parties…

  15. I’m a traditionalist – the countries of the world quiz. It seemed impossible at first, but now I can usually run through it no problem. I still feel proud every time I successfully complete it though. It makes you concentrate just hard enough!

  16. The Second Spacebar Challenge!

    Much harder than the first, yet I still have not conquered it. Hopefully my spacebar doesn’t break before it.

  17. My favorite quiz is the digits of pi quiz. I played the quiz over and over until I finally had all 150 digits memorized!

  18. It used to be “Countries of the World” – always a classic. But I have to admit, “Sins, Dwarves, and Spice Girls” stole my heart.

  19. I’ve always loved the Countries of the World quiz. Incredibly challenging, and I forget a different country every time. And when I finally get every country, it makes me oh so happy!

  20. My favorite quiz is Are You Smarter than a College Student —-

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