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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

A Message from Matt Ramme
Founder, Sporcle

When I started Sporcle 6 years ago, I could never have expected that so many people would end up playing these quick trivia and puzzle games.  What started as a better way to remember the U.S. Presidents has become a totally new way to play trivia on the web.  In the process, it has spawned the collective creativity of millions of people all around the world.

So today we have reached a billion games played.  Since we know the average game takes about 3 1/2 minutes to play, that means Sporclers have spent nearly 3 million days playing Sporcle games.  That’s 8,200 years of naming presidents, countries, and things Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love.

I started Sporcle as a way to improve my Jeopardy and crossword skills and ended up learning so much more than that.  Hopefully that is an experience a lot of users have…stumbling upon some new tidbit of knowledge or learning something about the world they didn’t know, such as which countries have the most chickens.

We here at Sporcle have been blessed with the best community on the internet, and we have a blast every day seeing what Sporclers come up with.  You’ve taken our love of trivia and focus on quality, and helped create nearly a half million quizzes on every topic imaginable, even 19th Century Composers from Finland.

We love hearing from Sporclers about the fun times they’ve had trying to come up with that one last answer, or finding themselves pulled down a rabbit hole into quizzes they didn’t even know they had an interest in.

We’ve gotten so many great emails over the years, I wanted to share just a few:

“Sporcle truly feels like the perfect combination of entertainment and education that I have been craving my entire life”

“My 13 year old son, Oliver, who has Aspergers Syndrome has been on (Sporcle) all week and is now up to about 95 on the Periodic Table quiz as well as being an expert on Kings/Queens, countries in Asia and Europe. To quote him ‘I really love this sort of thing. It’s the best website ever’”

“Thank you for saving me from many hours of boredom.”

We’re really excited about what’s coming next.  In the coming months, we plan on adding more new game and trivia experiences to the web, and we’re committed to making our mobile experiences the best in the world.  Also, keep an eye out for Sporcle Live, live trivia shows in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota, and eventually coming to a bar or restaurant near you.

We really do love each and every one of you. To those who create games and help make them better and more accurate, and those of you who just come to have fun and maybe learn something in the process, we are humbled and we hope we can continue to meet and exceed your expectations for the next billion games.

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  1. 6 years of procrastination. Dread to think what I could have achieved in that time…

  2. Thank you, Sporcle, for all the fun and games and trivia (and Kyrgyzstan!) You have taught me so much and I wouldn’t be the random know-it-all I am today without you.

  3. Congrats Sporcle! I teach high school English and I’ve made a bunch of handy quizzes about our books that the kids like playing to learn the characters. Here’s to 2 billion!

  4. Congratulations! This site is pretty much the best thing on the internet, such a simple concept so masterfully done and such staying power.

    May the next billion come even more quickly.

  5. I’ve learned more about world geography by Sporcle. Of course, I think a million of those days spent doing quizzes were just mine. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on 1 billion games! I’ve had loads of fun over the last few years, and learned a lot too, I can even spell Kyrgyzstan 😀 Thanks for all the games Sporcle, here’s to many more.

  7. I found this new website called Sporcle way back in 2007, when I was just a kid in high school. This great site not only helped me with school, but also helped me realize my great love for trivia. Here is to another billion plays!

  8. Thank you for creating one of my favourite sites – I couldn’t begin to imagine how many hours I’ve spent on here.

  9. Best site EVER!!!A day without Sporcle is like a day without sunshine.LOVE you guys!

  10. Thank you Sporcle! I’ve honestly learned more geography from Sporcle than I ever did in both high school and college. A fun past time that I don’t feel guilty about.

  11. You’ve created a fabulous monster – thank you for countless hours of fun and much knowledge!!

  12. I “sporcle” every night! It’s part of my daily routine, and I love it! Keep up the good work!

  13. I discovered Sporcle by accident during an internet search in 2009. It quickly became a source of not only entertainment, but also education. Sporcle is a regular part of my day, and I enjoy looking forward to seeing what each day’s quizzes are. Some are hard, some easy, but all fun. Keep up the good work.

  14. Congratulations Sporcle! Thanks for creating a site where a large variety of trivia games can be created, with a wonderful community of commenters and game creators.

  15. I think the time was extended too long….maybe you can do the next Billion in 4 1/2 or 5 years.

    Seriously though. I have a blast, learned more than just how to spell Kyrgyzstan and share good times Sporcling with my neighbor.

    Congrats and Thanks.

  16. So proud! Congrats to Sporcle! I feel so special and privileged that I’ve been playing for four years!! To many more years of gaming and learning combined…

  17. Well, I STILL don’t know all the presidents, so how are you gunna….

    No, I can’t make jokes today. You’ve actually accomplished something seismic in the field of learning. For every quiz someone plays just for fun, a tiny flake of legitimate knowledge gets embedded in some human brain somewhere.

    And a billion flakes adds up to a lot. Congratulations, Matt and everyone else who helped this happen.

  18. I probably spend more time on this site every day than any other. The only thing it’s missing is a forum community of its own, since I absolutely refuse to ever be a part of Reddit.

    Thanks for an awesome site.

  19. Congratulations! Sporcle has been great fun for me for many years, and I’m sure it will be for many more years to come!

  20. I don’t even remember anymore what brought me here. But the daily dose has become just that: a daily dose of getting my day started, after breakfast and checking eMails, before heading off to work, there is always a quiz or two getting the brain started. Thanks – and congratulations.

    • have you really only been going such a short space of time? Feels like I`ve been playing Sporcle forever.

  21. So happy – Sporcle is one of the best websites – ever!

    Ever since I was introduced to it back in September with the Countries of the World quiz, I can’t think of a life without it.

    I’ve also learnt so much and have enjoyed spreading the word and impressing my friends with my knowledge.

    Here’s to Sporcle – keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure we’ll be seeing 2 billion games played sometime in the near future.

  22. I would argue it doesn’t do much for creativity, but sporcle is certainly a tool to help with memorization, and overall expansion of knowledge. It’s wonderful. Thank you and congratulations.

  23. Congratulations, well deserved!

    I remember stumbling over your page four or five years ago, when someone linked me to a quiz about the teams in every English football division, then taking it untill I knew them all. Then doing the same with a number of different quizzes, and then dropping by this page on a more or less daily basis.

    A lot of websites offer quizzes, but no page I’ve seen can offer Sporcle’s variation. Not just in categories and subjects, but also in format. Standard quizzes, blitz quizzes, minefield quizzes, multiple choice, and my personal favorite – logic quizzes, mostly using the grid as a logic minefield, showing that quizzes not necessarily have to be about trivia.

    Have a wonderful celebration, and may the next billion come as quick as possible.

  24. Sporcle truly is the best website, and my absolute favourite Internet community. I started playing in about 2009 (and then forgot my account so I made a new one).
    The only issue I have is that it’s far too addicting, I spend so much of my potential revision time on it…
    I’ve learned a ridiculous amount though.

    Thank you so much for everything and congratulations. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  25. I feel like I’ve played a billion Sporcle games myself. It’s part of my morning routine – newspaper headlines, FB, email, Sporcle. Not necessarily in that order.

  26. I remember a few years ago looking on the internet for quizzes and stumbled upon Sporcle. I have never looked back! I might not be the smartest or the quickest on some of these games but I have learned a lot and it definitely helps me improve my Jeopardy game watching.

    Congrats, Sporcle, on a billion games played and here’s to the next billion and beyond!

  27. My sister introduced me to Sporcle 4 years ago. It certainly has improved my knowledge of geography and history. It’s the first site I log onto each day. Congratulations.

  28. You guys are awesome. The first thing I do when I log on in the morning is play SPORCLE. It starts my day…every day.
    Love the music trivia. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  29. Congrats – Probably one of the few sites I try to get to everyday as well. Love it!

  30. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I love your site; it’s at the perfect level for me: half the time I feel very clever and the other half… well, not so much.

  31. When my younger daughter was in college, she discovered Sporcle and sent me an email saying, ” I think you’d be good at this, Mom.” She was right-at least on some games. I’ve even recommended you to my high school students, when they’ve had extra time at the end of a computerized exam. I’d like to thank you and all the game-creators for the great fun I’ve had over the last two years. So happy to see you in my Inbox every day!

  32. I LOVE SPORCLE!!! Such a great site …you get to have fun …and get a little frustrated ;]. AND, you get to sharpen your brain.


  34. I have MS, these quizzes help me keep my brain active, plus it keeps me occupied being on the computer is the thing I do the nest Thank You so much for this site and the clickable games are the BOMB!!!!

  35. Congratulations! Sporcle is a regular part of my evening wind down. Very enjoyable and good for keeping my mind and memory sharp!

  36. Just wanted to say thanks to you for creating such a wonderful and entertaining website and community. I have spent many enjoyable hours on here and learned so much in the process.

  37. Must be coming upto about 4 years since Ive visited this site. I can recite the countries of the world, capitals and alot more knowledge that I would never have learned without Sporcle. Its helped me revise the bones and muscles of the human body for my personal training courses, and I am truly thankful. Fantastic website, innovative idea and long may it continue

  38. I found this site 5 months ago! Great quizzs, puzzles and games! Congrats to all the people that made Sporcle a interesting page!

  39. I have been obsessed with this site for over five years and I constantly tell my friends it’s my favorite place on the web. They’re super impressed (or super annoyed) that I know all the countries of the world and their capitals, no one has stumped me yet! Congratulations to you guys and thanks for all the creativity and hard work, here’s to the next billion!

  40. Thanks for being a great quiz site sporcle you are my favorite website
    I can not remeber what got me addicted to this website and I think that
    I saw a advertisement about on a website that I was on and I clicked on that advertisement
    And it let me to sporcle I believe I can not remember.

  41. I play Sporcle Live in Toledo. It has been an awesome experience. My team won the first Sporcle Live Toledo Tournament last weekend. $1000 prize for first place. Keep it coming. It is a blast!

  42. I remember the first time I found Sporcle. Or maybe it was Sporcle who found me. It was love at fist sight. Out of boredom, I searched and searched for just one quiz that I could test my knowledge on the countries of the world. I discovered this site and played on it the entire night. Probably went through 50 quizzes in one sitting!

  43. I can’t even live without Sporcle anymore. Thanks for making it, from the bottom of my heart <3

  44. Congratulations Sporcle

    I feel like I’ve been around even longer than 7 years, but clearly it hasnt been.

    Before I signed up for an account here I probably had played 2000+ games over the years. Now I’ve played 2000 more with my screen ID & can look back on which quizzes have been a challenge, which ones I was oh-so-close to perfecting or the ones I got on the 1st try.

    Cant wait to see whats up next. This IS my favorite time wasting spot.

    Now I must leave, so I can go successfully type out Kyrgyzstan in some quiz.

  45. Congratulations Sporcle! One billion games played is a truly impressive feat!
    I love this site and visit regularly. My geography is so much better now than before I started Sporcling. I also use the language quizzes in my French and Spanish lessons. The kids love them (and I get a break!!)

  46. You realize your website probably is costing America billions in productivity at work. Just sayin’.


  47. Congratulations Sporcle! I found this website quite randomly and I am so glad I did. I have enjoyed playing and creating quizzes on here. I have learned so much and I hope I have educated others. Remarkably, my friend Sebastian’s father plays Sporcle in Denmark and he told Sebastian that I had mentioned him on one of my quizzes; another friend of mine, Radosvet, saw his name on one all the way in Bulgaria. All the best and here’s to one billion more! 🙂

  48. Hey is a great site. Know all the presidents of the US of by heart and have a better understanding of their history thanks to this. Also my geography has improved 10 fold.

    Thanks for this. Keep up the good work.

  49. About 5 years ago I was bored at work with nothing to do, I googled Trivia Games online and I found you. I wanted to memorize all the US State Capitals, from there I went to all US Presidents and the rest is history, I play every night before I go to bed or when I have nothing to do at work.

    Great job!!


    PS make your droid app free!!

  50. Congratulations, Matt. I am a big fan of this website and I am very happy it has achieved over 1 billion plays.

  51. We love you.

    We have erected a temple in your honor.

    -The Great Sporacle of Delphi

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