Better Know a Curator: WackyZacky


The Sporcle blog started a new series which highlights some of our hard-working curators. Curators are editors for a specific subcategory, and their diligent work finding great quizzes from their subcategories (and sometimes others) helps to shape the site. We asked our curators to complete an interview of sorts, and we’ll be sharing their responses here on the blog. 

This next post is from WackyZacky, curator for Harry Potter and Safe Cracker.

1) How did you first get involved with playing Sporcle?

My father has been playing Sporcle since 2009 and that really got me interested, especially since his first quiz. He kind of forced me to play it and from then on, I have been addicted!  I have always enjoyed a good challenge and Sporcle offered me that opportunity.

2) What are your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?

My favourite quizzes for Harry Potter are: GeoGod’s Harry Potter Top 200, Flick’s Harry Potter Minefield and Hejman’s Patients of Madam Pomfrey.

My favourite quiz for Safe Cracker is Flick’s original Safe Cracker of course.

3) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?

There are too many to mention, however I really enjoyed MovieGuru’s recent Harry Potter and the Class Classification, it makes good use of the new ‘matching pairs’ feature.

4) What are your favorite published quizzes from an entirely different category?

I don’t think I could select one or any! They’re all mostly amazing!

5) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from an entirely different category?

I loved this quiz and it’s one of my very few favourited quizzes, kyrgyzstan’s Q Verbs.
I also love vikZ’s Click The Keyboard.

6) Are there any quizzes you’ve made that didn’t get the attention you were hoping for?

Indeed. There is one called ✽ Warp! Landmark Edition ✽ and I must’ve spent such a long time putting this together and then it only received a meagre (in comparison to what expected it to get) 204 plays (as of 13/12/12 or 12/13/12 for you Americans).

7) Who’s a user whose games you think deserves more attention?

I think that diving deserves more attention.