Oscar Week Day 3: Quiz Contest

It’s Day 3 of Oscar Week! Thanks for having some fun with us as we celebrate the best movies and the best movie trivia.

On Monday, we encouraged you to earn the Oscar Obsessed badge, and yesterday we announced the Oscar Week Photoshop Contest. Today it’s your chance to create some Oscar diversions of your own.

Oscar Week Quiz Contest

The rules:

  1. Create an Oscar-themed quiz (the term ‘Oscar’ can be used loosely)
  2. Contribute the quiz and make sure it’s public
  3. Post a link to the quiz in the comment section of this blog post

We’ll add all entries to the bottom of this post, and encourage other users to nominate their favorite quizzes. The most nominated quiz at the end of the week will be featured on the Sporcle homepage on Friday afternoon.

Additional Rules: The quiz must be new, and there’s only one entry allowed per person. We’ll announce the winner on Friday.

For information about how to create quizzes, check out our FAQ page.

You can also get ideas from all the great quiz contests that have been taking place on Sporcle University.

Here’s the entries that have been submitted so far:

 Famous Oscars  The Oscar Web
 Oscar-Winning Canadians  Most Common Words–Oscar Speeches
 ‘Out-Billed’ Oscar Winners  Oscar Hosts (images)
 Any Acting Oscar  2013 Best Picture Noms by Critical Contest
 Oscar Plus Ones  Oscar Hosts by Best Picture
 Missing Word: Oscar Supporting Actor Movies (2013)  Best Picture Runners Up: ’90s
 Best Oscar Nominated French People  Oscar Winners’ Roles in Other Genres of Film
 SPORCLE in Oscars  
 Oscar Winning Portrayals of Real People  





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