Welcome to Oscar Week on Sporcle

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Welcome to Sporcle’s Oscar Week!

Movie trivia is an important part of Sporcle, so much so that we decided to celebrate the Oscars all week long. Sporcle Oscar Week is a great way to celebrate Hollywood’s greatest films, along with the directors and actors who bring them to life. There’s never a shortage of statistics and fun facts when it comes to the film industry. But the Oscars add an extra layer of flavor, matching up the past year’s films against each other, and naming a select few the ‘Best.’

We’re not here to debate the winners and losers–we’ll leave that up to you and your friends–but we are here to remind you of all the great Oscar diversions we have on Sporcle.

The Badge

One way to brush up on your Oscar trivia is by earning one of Sporcle’s newest badges: Oscar Obsessed. If you don’t think you’re obsessed now, just wait till you’ve achieved the badge. Not only do you have to play some of our top Oscar quizzes–Best Pictures Oscar Winners (1970-Present), Most Oscars Movies, and Most Oscar Nominations–but you have to get 50% on each quiz. This badge is the beginning of the journey to becoming an Oscar expert.

The Quizzes

If you enjoyed the Oscar Obsessed quizzes, check out the Oscar trivia homepage, along with the Oscar quizzes that will be published throughout the week. Or if you just want some basic Movies Quizzes, be sure to spend some time on the Movies category homepage. Not only does this page include all published movies quizzes, but it also features the most recent Editor Picks.

The Contests

Check the blog each day to hear about different contests we’ll be running throughout the week. Oscar Week isn’t just about featuring great quizzes, it’s also about featuring YOU! Participation is key to making this week as fun as possible. So join in the Oscar spirit, and join with Sporcle as we countdown to the 85th Academy Awards.

But wait, there’s more…

If all that wasn’t enough, here are some more great Oscar quizzes to get you started:

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