New Badges: V-Day, the Oscars, and Furious Fingers

Once again, new badges are out! Check the Sporcle badge page to see them all.

Here’s description of the latest badges:

Cupid’s Arrow: Celebrate the day of love with some stimulating diversions! Log in on February 14th and make sure to play Be My Valentine!, Follow the Directions – Feb 14, and Profile: Saint Valentine. We’ll leave you to pass out the candy hearts and chocolate.


Oscar Obsession: The Oscars are soon approaching, and we want to make sure you know your trivia. Brush up on award-winning films by getting 50% on the following quizzes: Best Picture Oscar Winners (1970-Present), Most Oscars Movies, and Most Oscar Nominations.


Furious Fingers: Your keyboard might receive some battle scars, but the excitement of these typing challenges makes it all worth it. Get 100% on Typing Challenge, Typing Challenge II, and Typing Challenge III and then give those fingers a break!


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