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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


The Sporcle blog started a new series which highlights some of our hard-working curators. Curators are editors for a specific subcategory, and their diligent work finding great quizzes from their subcategories (and sometimes others) helps to shape the site. We asked our curators to complete an interview of sorts, and we’ll be sharing their responses here on the blog.

This next post is from citkeane, curator for country and word ladder.

1) How did you first get involved with playing Sporcle?

I can’t recall exactly how I first happened upon Sporcle, it might have been something as simple as a Google search for trivia games, but I knew pretty quickly that it was a site I would get a lot of enjoyment from. I’ve been interested in trivia and quizzing since I was a kid, so once I found the quiz creation feature it was only a matter of days before I was contributing quizzes on a regular basis.

2) What are your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?

One of the first games to catch my attention when I first visited the site was the Countries of the World quiz and now that I’m the curator for the ‘Country’ subcategory it remains one of my favorite published games. I’m sure I’ve completed it five or six times at this stage, with quite a few not-so-successful attempts in addition to that. Other ‘Country’ quizzes I’ve enjoyed include Countries With Highest GDP MinefieldWorld Population 2050 and Flick‘s Geography by Numbers series of quizzes.

As for published word ladders, there are so many to choose from but if I had to pick just one it would be Word Ladder: Pattern by rockgolf.

3) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?

With so many quizzes being contributed on a daily basis it’s only to be expected that a few slip through the cracks and fail to make the front page. If I could highlight just a few such games it would be the Countries Without Looking series of quizzes by ruuub and Treverbeast454, which I think work very well for the larger continents and are pretty fun to play, and Around the Coast of the World.

Exceptional contributed word ladders that are worth a shout out include Seven-Letter Word Ladder, perhaps the only fully realised 7-letter word ladder on the site, and Word Ladder for Romans, a very different take on the ladder format, just to name a couple.

4) What are your favorite published quizzes from an entirely different category?

In addition to curating my subcategories, I do spend a lot of free time playing other people’s quizzes just for fun. So, whenever I see a quiz that really brings something new to the site or utilises the quiz creation tools to achieve something innovative it really gives me a kick. Examples of such games would be MrChewypoo‘s Moving Pictures and The Diabolical Minefield Maze quizzes and vikZ‘s Trivia Field quizzes.

5) What are your favorite contributed quizzes from an entirely different category?

Some great contributed quizzes in other subcategories that I’d recommend checking out would be Every Best Actress Oscar WinnerTriple-Source Phrases and Missing Book Word Marathon.

6) Are there any quizzes you’ve made that didn’t get the attention you were hoping for?

Since joining the site a lot of the editors have been kind enough to give editor picks to my quizzes and in turn the admin have generously featured a lot of my quizzes, so really I don’t have much to complain about in this department. Although, as with all quiz makers, there are still a few quizzes that I’d like to reach the front page at some point in the future. I always like when I manage to think of a quiz idea that gets my creative juices flowing and one such quiz that turned out better than I expected was my algebra minefield quiz X is for Xplosion. Another group of quizzes that I devoted a lot of time to but ultimately didn’t catch on as I might have liked were my Born in… quizzes. So, if you’re interested take a look.

7) Who’s a user whose games you think deserves more attention?

I think sooner or later users who consistently produce top quality quizzes get the recognition they deserve but some users that might deserve a little extra attention would be divingNJSB and iglew.

**A message from Sporcle Admin: Just this week, citkeane earned his Crazy Ivan badge! This badge is awarded to users who have a quiz published in every category. Great job, citkeane! **

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