Kyrgyzstan in the News

If you’re familiar with Sporcle even a little bit, you’ll know that we have a special relationship with Kyrgyzstan.  We Sporclers must go out of our way to correctly spell Kyrgyzstan. And as we’ve memorized that elusive “Y-R-G-Y-Z”,  the central Asian country has found a special place in our unique Sporcle community.


Given our constant mentions of the country, it’s not surprising that we tend to follow them in the news. Just recently, it came to our attention that Kyrgyzstan was listed as the most improved country on the Fund for Peace’s eighth annual Failed States Index.

The Failed States Index is determined on the basis of 12 factors having to do with a state’s stability. Last year, Kyrgyzstan was ranked as one of the most worsened countries, second only to post-earthquake Haiti. Yet this year Kyrgyzstan’s evaluation was much improved.  While unrest still exists (it is ranked 41st out of 177 included countries), the country seems to have stabilized somewhat.

While there is some controversy about the index itself, we just wanted to acknowledge Kyrgyzstan’s worldwide recognition. We certainly took a moment of pause to think a little more about the struggles of a developing nation like Kyrgyzstan before we went back to trying it as an answer in every single Sporcle geography quiz ever. (Especially when it’s not appropriate.)



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  1. You should visit Kyrgyzstan…it is one of the most beautiful countries and is populated by friendly, peace loving and hospitable people. Like most countries – even in the West, there are a few places that should be avoided….but the traffic is probably the biggest danger!

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