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Here at Sporcle, US Presidents trivia holds a special place in our hearts.

We associate presidents with different periods of our country’s history. And while history can sometimes be stuffy, the presidents are people. And people can’t be stuffy, right? Who doesn’t look with affection and pride at our Presidents’ pictures? Who doesn’t wish they’d heard Abraham Lincoln give his famous Gettysburg Address? If we only had working time machines…well, the possibilities would be endless.

The US Presidents quiz was the very first trivia material tackled by Sporcle. It’s a noble goal to memorize all the presidents, and every trivia-lover’s dream (at least in the United States.) And Sporcle can help you achieve it.

But more than simply encouraging Sporclers to know the Presidents, we think it’s interesting to see the stats. Which Presidents are the most guessed? What about the other Presidential trivia–for example where Presidents were born?

For your post-election reading pleasure, we compiled a few insights from our most popular Presidential quizzes:

US Presidents Quiz
This is Sporcle’s very first quiz, and it continues to be one of the most popular. The Presidents are typically taught in schools, but as the Sporcle stats show, not every moment in history is treated equally. George Washington is overwhelmingly most well-known, guessed by 98.3% of Sporclers. The top 5 is rounded out, however, by our most recent presidents, Bush, Obama, H.W. Bush, and Clinton (in that order.)

Next comes the historical bigwigs: Lincoln, Adams, Quincy Adams, Kennedy, Jefferson, and F.D.R. (It helps that some of these men share last names.) And then the pendulum shifts back to the recent past, with Nixon, Reagan, LBJ, Carter and Ford. At the bottom of the list, you’ll find our Presidents from the mid-late 1800’s, many who served one term or less, and didn’t seem to leave much imprint on our memories.

US Presidents by Birth State

Another way you may know presidents is if you’ve grown up in a state proud to be called home by one or more of our presidents. Most people, specifically 76.8% of Sporclers, know that Virginia was a hot spot for our early diplomats. While 60.4% of users knew that Ohio was the birthplace of presidents, you may be surprised to know that Ohio brought forth 7 presidents. And despite all the hype over Obama’s US citizenship, only 48% of people knew that Hawaii was the birthplace of our 44th president. Coming in under 20%? That’s Vermont, South Carolina, Iowa, and Nebraska. You may have thought Nebraska was only corn and football, but in fact it is the proud home of Gerald Ford.

US Presidents by Haiku

Regardless of whether you know what a haiku even is, this quiz is a great way to test your knowledge of presidential reputation and legacy. The most well-known? That would be Lincoln, who “preserved the Union.” Next comes Jefferson, who “wrote the Declaration” and Grant, a “General in the Civil War.” Almost half of the presidents included in this quiz were missed by more than 50% of Sporclers. Maybe it’s time to brush up on our history…

If you’re looking for motivation to memorize the Presidents, check out our badges. We currently have 29,168 users who’ve achieved the ‘Quite Presidential’ badge. If you’d like to earn the badge for yourself, just log-in to your account and get 100% on the US Presidents quiz. It will be time well-spent.

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