Back to Sporcle Day 4: Study with Sporcle

Thanks for sticking with us! It’s been an exciting week so far: We’ve celebrated Back to Sporcle, launched our new app–Badly Drawn Faces–and even celebrated some less-well known holidays like National Mean Girls Day.

Studying: it’s a fact of life.

Today is still going to be fun, we promise, but we’re shifting to a more serious subject: school. And when we say school, we mean the school the place where you sit in a desk and take tests.

Tests can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Not if you know the answers. And it just so happens there are many Sporcle quizzes which cover material that you may find on your tests and quizzes.

We’ve heard from users–both students and teachers–about the educational value of Sporcle. We think this is a great way to use Sporcle, and we want to spread the word!

Here’s a list of categories and quizzes to start you off. Don’t be limited to these, though–search the site to see if there’s a better quiz that fits your study needs. Didn’t find what you wanted? Create a quiz of your own! It’s easy and free. Share the quiz with your study group and help future student-Sporclers.


Countries of the World Countries of North America
US States Countries of South America
Flags of the World Countries of Oceania
Countries of Europe US Capitals
Countries of Africa Most Populous Cities
Countries of Asia States Abbreviations


Periodic Table Programming Languages
Human Bones Planets of the Solar System
Human Body Systems Animals by Species
Anatomy of the Heart S.I. Units
Amino Acids Astronomical Terms
Computer Acronyms Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Minute Math (Addition) Minute Math (Subtraction)
Minute Math (Multiplication) Minute Math (Mixed Operations)
Digits of Pi Perfect Squares
Fraction Frustration Quick Math Challenge
Prime Numbers Roman Numerals
Multiplication Table Percentage Equivalents


US Presidents Prime Ministers of the UK
Original 13 Colonies 200 Year Quiz
Famous Wars World Population 1900
Countries of the Spanish Empire Countries of the British Empire
History by Bobblehead Monarchs of England
The US Declares War Political Terms (US)


Most Spoken Languages Spanish Quizzes
Greek Alphabet French Quizzes
Parts of Speech German Quizzes
Helping Verbs Italian Quizzes
Grammatical Terms Latin Quizzes
Hebrew Alphabet English to Spanish Cognates