Back to Sporcle Day 2: Get More from Sporcle

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

Do you love Sporcle? Find out what more you can do than just playing quizzes! 

If you’re just joining us,  we’ve dubbed this week “BACK TO SPORCLE” week. We’re featuring daily blogposts, fun contests, and a review of the summer’s top quizzes. Read earlier blog posts to catch up on what you’ve missed!

We want you to be able to take advantage of all the great things that are part of Sporcle, which is why, today, we’re giving out 5 Basic Tips on how Sporcle can make your life more fun. We all need more fun in our lives, right?

1. Create a Sporcle account

We have thousands of users, but maybe you’re one of those people who just plays the website without keeping track of your scores. What are the advantages of having a profile, you might ask? Once you’ve created an account, you can track your gameplay history (and earn badges!), follow other Sporcle users, and challenge your friends. Also, you can give feedback on quizzes by commenting, favoriting, and rating quizzes.

2. Share some quizzes

Ever finish a quiz and feel a rush of satisfaction, along with smiles and joy? Share your quiz scores, get some bragging rights and let your friends join in the fun. Think of it as a service to those you care about. You have the power to enrich their lives with mentally stimulating diversions. What are you waiting for?

3. Make some Quizzes

We have over 300,000 quizzes available on our site, and only 10,000 or so are published. What does that tell you? It’s not all about the published quizzes. Take a look at our FAQ page for tips on creating quizzes, then give it a try! Share your quiz with friends to get feedback, and don’t hesitate to make adjustments and improvements. Perhaps you could start by participating in the Back to Sporcle quiz contest!

4. Set your School

An underutilized feature by Sporcle users is the option to set your school in your profile. Even if you graduated long ago, you can still represent your high school or college on Sporcle. You can even choose one of the fictional schools represented on the site, such as Hogwarts or Bayside High School. Go to your profile settings, and you’ll see the “school” option.  Later this week, we’ll talk about the importance of setting your school for college rankings which are, quite simply, awesome.

5. Get involved with Sporcle University

Sporcle University is a new Google group which provides a forum for Sporcle users’ discussion. If you want a more behind-the-scenes glimpse into Sporcle–this is the place to go. We’ve already implemented a lot of the suggestions that users have brought to our attention through Sporcle U. This is also a way for you to get to know other users, get advice on quiz creation, join user-led contests and more.

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