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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

You asked. We delivered. The result? Sporcle Badges.

With Sporcle badges, you have one more way to strut your Sporcle-success. You’ll have new motivation to master the Countries of the World, the U.S. Presidents, or maybe just play a quiz from each category. Each new badge on your profile page is like a public pat on the back, a bonus for all the hard work you’ve done, and simply another reason to love Sporcle.

Badges aren’t only for expert quiz-playing, but they’re also for expert quiz creation. When you get a quiz published on the homepage–get ready for your Published badge. Want the ultimate quiz creation challenge? Set your sights on the Crazy Ivan, awarded when you’ve published a quiz in each category.

Current available badges:

Sporcla Cum Laude – We know you have school pride, and now you can show it with Sporcla Cum Laude. Set a school in your profile and get ready to represent.


Published – What could make the joy of your first published quiz even better? A badge, of course. Have a quiz published on the Sporcle home page and the date will forever be remembered by your badge.


Crazy Ivan – As the name suggests, this badge is reserved for Sporcle radicals. Get a quiz published in each category, and you, Crazy Ivan, will have joined the ranks of elite Sporclers.


Challenger – It’s the simple joys that make our lives sweet–win a challenge against another Sporcle user and this badge will crown you the victor.


Blender – Show off your blender-love by getting at least 9 right (50%) on Blender Settings. Celebrate by making yourself a smoothie.


Quite Presidential – Even if you’re not from the United States, further your political history know-how by learning all the US Presidents. Get 100% on the quiz and start planning your trip to the presidential libraries. Consider Sporcle your honorary sponsor.

Around the World – This Sporcle quiz is as classic as it gets. Get 100% on the Countries of the World and you’ll set yourself up for geo-Sporcle success. Even if you never visit each country on the globe, at least you’ll know it exists.

London Calling – Faithful Brits and Anglophiles around the world, test your knowledge of London with this mix of Sporcle quizzes. We’ll reward your commitment with…you guessed it…a badge.

Sporcle quizzes required for London Calling:

Sampler Platter – The Sampler Platter is awarded to users whose thirst for knowledge has no bounds. Play a quiz from each Sporcle category, and prove that you truly are an all-around trivia-seeker.


Badges will be displayed on your profile page.To see all possible badges, check out the SporcleAdmin profile. We’re starting small, but the possibilities are endless. So don’t get comfortable–more badges will feed your hunger to succeed.

Notes: Backfilling

  • We’re still backfilling to account for your past accomplishments–so if you’re missing a badge that you know you should have, don’t worry.
  • If you’ve achieved a multi-task badge in the past, your badge will show the first date the badge was available.
  • Single task badges will show the actual achievement date.

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com. Or join the discussion on Sporcle University. In the meantime, get going! There are badges to be won!  

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    Or do you mean each subcategory as well?

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