Top Comments of the Week (08/03)

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

We always love to read all the funny and insightful comments you leave throughout the week, so much so that we’ve decided to highlight our favorite five each and every Friday. Check out our favorite witty comments below:

1. From: Movies by Foreign Poster

KeitI don’t remember the part in Big where Tom Hanks’s head explodes.

2. From: TV Debuts: 2004

defineexistenceI think that screenshot was about as long as ‘Joey’ was on the air.

3. From: Missing ‘A’ Acronyms

cardiaccodemanStarted to freak because i never knew IKEA was actually an acronym. Then I remembered to just find the Swedish word

4. From: Movie & Character Match II

eab2188 Mile(s Per Hour): Marty McFly travels to the future once again to defeat Marshall Mathers in a rap battle and returns as The Real Slim Shady.

5. From: Five Song Frenzy II

xxfearlessThis quiz reminded me of how much I hate Nickelback songs.